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Time series of hydrography, nutrients and plankton on a 3 station section north of Santander, Spain (1991-2012)

Data holding centreIEO/ Spanish Oceanographic Institute
CountrySpain  Spain
ProjectOceanographic time-series (RADIALES)(RADIALES)
Time periodFrom 22 June 1991 to 2012
Geographical area

Coastal area of Santander, Spain, on the vertical of Cabo Mayor (3° 47'W)


Chlorophyll pigment concentrations in water bodies; Zooplankton carbon biomass per unit area of the water column; Nitrate concentration parameters in the water column; Nitrite concentration parameters in the water column; Phosphate concentration parameters in the water column; Salinity of the water column; Silicate concentration parameters in the water column; Temperature of the water column; Phytoplankton generic abundance in water bodies


Fluorometers; CTD; plankton nets; autoanalysers; optical microscopes


Since the month of June 1991, we have been carrying out systematic samplings of the oceanographic, physical, chemical and plankton community parameters at three sampling stations located radially opposite Cabo Mayor on the coast of Santander. To date, monthly sampling has taken place, with the result of 14 uninterrupted monthly samples. The recording of temperature and salinity is obtained in the 0-100m column. Nutrients and the phytoplanktonic community are sampled at fixed depths of 0,5,10,40 and 60m. Zooplankton is sampled in the 0-50m column using 250 micron nets. Experiments on primary production (using method C14) are only carried out in the intermediate season (110m depth) during the months of June and September.

OriginatorsIEO/ Santander Oceanographic Centre
OrganisationIEO/ Spanish Oceanographic Institute
ContactElena Tel (CEDO contact)

IEO/ Spanish Oceanographic Institute
Corazon de Maria, 8


Telephone+34 91 5974443
Facsimile+34 914 135597
Collating centreIEO/ Spanish Oceanographic Institute
Local identifier8036040
Global identifier2689
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