WOCE Hydrographic Section A11, South America to South Africa (1992-1993)

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Data holding centreNational Oceanography Centre (Southampton)
CountryUnited Kingdom  United Kingdom
Time periodFrom December 1992 to February 1993
Geographical area

South Atlantic (South America to South Africa)


Air pressure; Air temperature; Dissolved oxygen parameters in the water column; Wind strength and direction; Chlorofluorocarbon concentrations in the water column; Vertical velocity of the water column (currents); Nitrate concentration parameters in the water column; Phosphate concentration parameters in the water column; Salinity of the water column; Horizontal velocity of the water column (currents); Transmittance and attenuance of the water column; Silicate concentration parameters in the water column; Temperature of the water column


Meteorological packages; bathythermographs; thermosalinographs; single-beam echosounders; discrete water samplers; transmissometers; CTD; satellite positioning systems; current profilers; dissolved gas sensors


RRS Discovery cruise 199 was a UK contribution to the World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WOCE) one time survey, its designation A11. The cruise ports were Punta Arenas, Chile to Cape Town, South Africa. 91 full depth stations were worked with a NBIS Mk3b CTD and GO 24x10 litre rosette water sampler. Salinity, oxygen, silicate, nitrate and phosphate were measured on each station, CFC-11, CFC-12, and CFC-13 were measured on every other station and XBT drops (mostly T7) made between stations. Meteorological parameters, sea-surface temperature and salinity, and current profiles to 300m (from a hull-mounted RDI 150kHz ADCP) were measured throughout the cruise. To improve estimates of the ship's heading (and hence currents) a three-dimensional gps receiver from Ashtech was employed.

OriginatorsNational Oceanography Centre (Southampton)

Saunders, P.M. (1993) RRS Discovery Cruise 199, 22 December 1992 - 01 February 1993. WOCE A11 in the South Atlantic., Institute of Oceanographic Sciences Deacon Laboratory, Cruise Report, No. 234. 69pp.

OrganisationNational Oceanography Centre (Southampton)

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