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Fishing statistics and biological data for oceanic pelagic fish around the Canary Islands

Data holding centreIEO/Spanish Oceanographic Institute
CountrySpain  Spain
Time periodFrom 1975 onwards
Geographical area

Atlantic Ocean, Canary Islands and West coast of Africa (between the Straits of Gibraltar and 24° N). FAO areas 34.1.1/34.1.2/34.1.3


Fish non taxonomy-related morphology


The check list of the Spanish fleet operating on this resource is registered at 600 vessels, although in fact only about 350 vessels operate annually combining the capture of tunas and tuna-like fishes specimens with other catches. 60 per cent of this fleet is made up of vessels of under 10 tons GRT. The method used is bait boat and, mainly, rod and hand line. Information on captures per species and effort for each tide since 1977 is available. Also available is the distribution per size and the specific composition of the catches landed since that date. There is a file of biological samples containing the following information: size, weight, sex, sexual maturity, stomach repletion and diverse morphometric measurements. Information on age, which has been determined by the cuts on the first spine of the dorsal fin, is available for some species. This information, together with that of other fleets operating in the area, allows for the evaluation of the resource in accordance with ICCAT.

OriginatorsIEO/ Cadiz Oceanographic Centre
OrganisationIEO/Spanish Oceanographic Institute
ContactAlvaro Fernandez (Director)

IEO/Spanish Oceanographic Institute
Corazon de Maria, 8


Telephone+34 91 5974443
Facsimile+34 915 974770
Collating centreIEO/Spanish Oceanographic Institute
Local identifier8036132
Global identifier2781
Last revised2009-01-12