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Netherlands National Monitoring of the Tide in the Eastern Wadden Sea Region (1974-)

Data holding centreRijkswaterstaat Central Information Services
CountryNetherlands  Netherlands
ProjectNational Physical Monitoring Programme(MON*FYSICA)
Time period1974-present
Geographical area

Eastern Wadden Sea. The boundary between Western Wadden Sea and Eastern Wadden Sea is situated between the islands Terschelling and Ameland. The boundary between Eastern Wadden Sea and the Ems-Dollard estuary lies West from the Huibertsgat.


Sea level


Sea level recorders


MON*FYSICA is a part of the Monitoring programme of the National Water Systems (in Dutch : Monitoring Waterstaatkundige Toestand des Lands; MWTL) The primary goal of the MWTL programme is to provide physical, chemical and biological information in relation to long term developments. So the focal point for the monitoring programme is based on trend detection. Another aim for the physical monitoring programme is to obtain information of the rising of the sea level. The Dutch marine and brackish waters are dived into areas. In field GEOGRAPHIC COVERAGE the area is mentioned. The starting date mentioned is not necessarily the same for every location within the set. The given date is the first year data is available of one or more locations. During the given period more or less locations can be sampled due to changes in the national monitoring programme. At the time of the up-date tides are measured continuously in 105 locations of which 36 locations in the main rivers, 12 locations are situated near large lakes, 20 along tide-rivers and 37 along the coast and in the estuary Before 1987 measurements where done manually. The frequency can differ within the period given. Since 1987 most measurements are done automatically every 10 minutes. The programme is set-up in such a way that small gaps in the set of measurements can be complete by interpolation of the data-set. The tides are measured in terms of NAP. For actual planning:

OriginatorsRijkswaterstaat Water, Traffic and Environment
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OrganisationRijkswaterstaat Central Information Services
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Rijkswaterstaat Central Information Services
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Collating centreNational Oceanographic Data Committee
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