Regional (European) atmosphere only limited area model

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Data holding centreHadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research
CountryUnited Kingdom  United Kingdom
Time periodModel run 10 years
Geographical area

Model centred on Central Europe


Air pressure; Air temperature; Cloud cover height and extent; Atmospheric humidity; Cloud type; Precipitation and evaporation; Wind strength and direction; Land surface temperature; Partial pressure (pCO2) and fugacity (fCO2) of carbon dioxide in the water column; Temperature of the water column; Wind stress and shear; Sea level; Snow and ice mass, thickness and extent; Solar Radiation; Heat fluxes between the water column and the atmosphere; Terrestrial water content




The data set comprises output from a regional (European) atmosphere only model, nested within the mixed-layer ocean and atmosphere equilibrium model for the control and anomaly runs. Atmosphere only model run for 10 years with 1 x carbon dioxide in the control run and 2 x carbon dioxide in the anomaly run, using sea surface temperatures, sea ice and lateral boundary conditions from the driving model. The model has a 0.44 x 0.44 degrees latitude/longitude grid and contains 153 x 102 points centred on Central Europe. The model has 11 vertical levels: Approximate Approximate Level Sigma Pressure (mb) Height 1 0.99 990 100m 2 0.94 940 600m 3 0.84 840 1.5km 4 0.72 720 3km 5 0.58 580 4.5km 6 0.44 440 7km 7 0.32 320 9km 8 0.23 230 10.5km 9 0.16 160 13km 10 0.09 90 17km 11 0.02 20 25km Stored variables include monthly and seasonal means from the second five years as follows: surface geopotential height, 00Z surface temperature, soil moisture content, snow depth, large scale rain, snow, convective rain, evaporation, sensible heat flux, boundary layer height, lowest level wind speed, sublimation, snow melt, run-off, convective cloud base, convective cloud top, outgoing clear-sky solar flux, downward clear-sky solar flux, upward clear-sky, solar flux, outgoing clear-sky infrared flux, downward clear-sky surface, infrared flux, incoming solar flux, outgoing solar flux, outgoing infrared flux, surface solar flux (down), surface solar flux (up), surface infrared flux (down), surface infrared flux (up), cloud amount on model levels, convective cloud base (weighted), convective cloud top (weighted), convective cloud amount, total cloud amount, CD (drag coefficient), CD (bulk heat transfer coefficient), quick run-off, soil temperature in layer 2, soil temperature in layer 3, soil temperature in layer 4, mean and box albedo, total cloud water, content (liquid + ice) on model levels, high cloud water path, medium cloud water path, low cloud water path, maximum surface temperature, minimum surface temperature, mean surface temperature, wind mixing energy, x component of stress, y component of stress, liquid cloud water content on model levels, surface soil heat flux, surface pressure, x component of wind on model levels, y component of wind on model levels, temperature on model levels, specific humidity on model levels, mean sea level pressure, 500mb height, 200mb height, x component of wind at 850mb, x component of wind at 250mb, y component of wind at 850mb, y component of wind at 250mb, temperature at 850mb, temperature at 700mb, temperature at 500mb ocean: equivalent ice depth, ocean: precipitation-evaporation, ocean: slab temperature.

OriginatorsHadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research
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ContactDr. David A. Bennetts

Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research
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Collating centreBritish Oceanographic Data Centre
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