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Data holding centreUnited Kingdom Hydrographic Office
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The tide tables cover the world in four volumes, re-published annually. Volume 1 covers United Kingdom and Ireland (including European Channel Ports) Volume 2 covers Europe (excluding United Kingdom and Ireland), the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Volume 3 covers the Indian Ocean and South China Sea. Volume 4 covers the Pacific Ocean and adjacent seas. Each volume has an introductory section briefly describing methods of prediction and the effect of meteorological conditions on tides, and comments on special tidal problems of the area covered. The main function of the tables is to give daily predictions of the times and heights of high and low waters at about 240 Standard Ports, and further information in the form of time and height difference from the standard ports for about 6500 Secondary Ports. The tables also give the four main harmonic constants for about 5000 ports, both Standard and Secondary. In addition, where necessary, information is provided which enables shallow water corrections to be applied. The tables include instructions and worked examples. Supplementary information provided consists of tables which give methods of obtaining intermediate heights between high and low water; special data for the double-tide area around the Isle of Wight; conversion tables from feet to metres; tables of tidal levels at standard ports; the connections between Admiralty Chart Datum and Land Survey Datum in the British Isles and in some other ports; tables of tidal angles and factors; astronomical arguments for use in the harmonic prediction and analysis of tides. Volumes 3 and 4 also contain daily predictions for tidal streams in certain areas where the streams are of particular navigational importance and where predictions in this form are possible. Tidal stream harmonic constants are also included for a few positions in Volumes 2, 3 and 4. In addition, times and heights of high and low water, hourly and ten minute heights can be produced by the Hydrographic Office on disc or as an e-mail attachment through the Tidal Prediction Service. Also available is a disc enabling tidal prediction by the Simplified Harmonic Method for Windows (DP560).

OriginatorsUnited Kingdom Hydrographic Office

Admiralty Charts (2008) Catalogue of Admiralty Charts and other Hydrographic Publications NP131, UK Hydrographic Office

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