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South Ayrshire Council, Radiation Monitoring Scheme (1985-)

Data holding centreSouth Ayrshire Council, Environmental Health Service
CountryUnited Kingdom  United Kingdom
Time periodFrom 1985 onwards; all radiation data are compiled on a calendar year basis and information is available to the present date.
Geographical area

10 sites are monitored on a monthly basis from Barassie Shore in the north of the district to Finnarts Bay in the extreme south of the area.


Macroalgae and seagrass taxonomy-related counts; Radioactivity in biota; Fish abundance in water bodies; Fish taxonomy-related abundance per unit area of the bed; Macroalgae and seagrass infection and damage; Stable isotopes in biota; Stable isotopes in sediment pore waters; Stable isotopes in sediment; Radioactivity in water bodies; Stable isotopes in water bodies; Geological sample radioactivity; Solar Radiation


Radiometers; discrete water samplers; sediment grabs; manual biota samplers


Ten sites within South Ayrshire are monitored on a quarterly basis to obtain background readng levels from cosmic radiation and from naturally occurring isotopes in the earth's crust. The radiation monitoring scheme is run in conjunction with Glasgow Scientific Services. As part of the monitoring programme, the following samples were taken in 1999: Seaweed - 4 samples Seawater - 5 samples Sediment - 8 samples Fish - 4 samples Shellfish - 1 sample Although radioactive pollutants were found in all but 2 of these samples, the levels obtained were well below limits laid down by recognised bodies.

OriginatorsSouth Ayrshire Council, Environmental Health Service
OrganisationSouth Ayrshire Council, Environmental Health Service
ContactJames G. Millar (Head of Environmental Health Services)

South Ayrshire Council, Environmental Health Service
Town Hall 5/9 High Street
United Kingdom

Telephone+44 01292 618222
Collating centreBritish Oceanographic Data Centre
Local identifier1028001
Global identifier386
Last revised2009-12-01