Maasvlakte 2 Nature Compensation Project

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Data holding centreWageningen Marine Research (Yerseke)
CountryNetherlands  Netherlands
ProjectMaasvlakte 2 Nature Compensation Project(MV2 Benthos)
Time periodSampling in Autumn every year, 2004-
Geographical area

Dutch Coastal zone


Zoobenthos dry weight biomass; Zoobenthos taxonomic abundance


Benthos samplers; sediment dredges


The Port of Rotterdam has planned a westward extension of its harbour area, called Maasvlakte 2.The total area involved is about 2000 hectares. In order to compensate for the loss of nature a marine reserve was created in the Voordelta. a Nature 2000 site. To examine whether the inpact of the extension of Maasvlakte 2 on the flora and fauna is sufficiently compensated by the provided nature compensations a monitoring- and evaluation program (MEP-MV2) was started. Baseline studies (2004, 2005) were carried out to determine t0-situation and to examine if the results are sufficient for the subsequent impact studies. Box-core and benthic dregde samples has been collected for data on the infauna and the epifauna near the seabed. The sampling strategy (402 samples/campaign) was configured by minimizing the ratio between the effort (number of samples) and the statistic robustness (minimum detectable difference). The baseline study resulted in a good estimate of the diversity, total density and biomass of the infauna, and a good impression of the distribution and population structure of individual benthic species that can serve as food for birds. The baseline studies were carried out for Rijkswaterstaat Waterdienst. The monitoring- and evaluation program is carried out for Deltares.

OriginatorsWageningen Marine Research (Yerseke)
OrganisationWageningen Marine Research (Yerseke)
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ContactJohan Craeymeersch

Wageningen Marine Research (Yerseke)
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Collating centreNational Oceanographic Data Committee
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