The influence of the contruction of Maasvlakte 2 on nature

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Data holding centreWageningen Marine Research (Yerseke)
CountryNetherlands  Netherlands
ProjectThe influence of the construction of Maasvlakte 2 on nature(MV2 construction)
Time periodSampling in spring 2006, 2008-
Geographical area

Dutch coastal zone


Zoobenthos dry weight biomass; Zoobenthos taxonomic abundance


Benthos samplers; sediment dredges


In September 2008 the construction of Maasvlakte 2, an enlargement of Rotterdam harbour with 20 km2, started. For the first phase of the project an amount of 290 million m3 of marine sand is needed. A study is made which describes the influence of the construction and sand extraction on nature and other uses of the sea. Monitoring has started to examine the effects of this large scale marine sand extraction. The influence of the extraction on benthic fauna in the vicinity of the pit and the recovery of the benthic fauna within the pits are studied by sampling in influenced areas to determine biomass and species until total recovery is reached. It is expected that the benthic fauna will recover within 6 years. This study is part of the baseline measurements started in 2006 to study not only the re-colonization but also the effect of a possible decrease in light to pass through the water column during the period of sand extraction. This might result in decrease in food for e.g. mollusks which in turn are a staple diet of bird and fish species. This research is carried out for the Port of Rotterdam.

OriginatorsWageningen Marine Research (Yerseke)
OrganisationWageningen Marine Research (Yerseke)
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