Meio- and macro-benthic communities in the proximity of Wied Ghammieq Sewage Outflow (Malta, Central Mediterranean)

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Data holding centreDepartment of Biology, University of Malta
CountryMalta  Malta
ProjectThe meio- and macro-benthic communities present in the proximity of Malta"s Wied Ghammieq sewage outflow(Avicenne video transects and grab sampling)
Time periodAugust 1997 - January 1998
Geographical area

Wied Ghammieq, northeastern coast of Malta (Central Mediterranean)


Concentration of other substances in biota


Sediment grabs


Within the framework of an international research project, the University of Bari has worked in collaboration with the University of Malta to study the sewage outfall at Wied Ghammieq. The aim of this study was to make a preliminary assessment of the impacts of the untreated sewage on the benthic biocoenoses of the surrounding seabed area. Changes in the nature and composition of the biocenoses occurring in proximity of the Wied Ghammieq sewage outfall were assessed by an underwater video survey of the bottom and by means of grab sampling. Visual analysis of the underwater video recordings was used to identify the main benthic assemblages present, and to make a preliminary assessment of the state of degradation of the sites impacted by the effluent. The features observed in each of 5 transects are described. The soft and hard bottoms, studied by direct observation and sampled with the grab are described with the aid of a detailed species list. The list is included in a table, the first column of which contains the species list. The other 11 columns have been grouped into 5 columns for the 5 hard bottom stations and 6 columns for the 6 soft bottom stations. Where possible, the number of specimens of a particular species, collected at a particular station are indicated respectively.

OriginatorsDepartment of Biology, University of Malta
OrganisationDepartment of Biology, University of Malta
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ContactJoseph Borg

Department of Biology, University of Malta
Department of Biology, University of Malta

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Collating centreOceanography Malta Research Group, Department of Geosciences, University of Malta
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