Black Sea Marine Accident Oil Spill Information System (MAOSIS)

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Data holding centreUkrainian scientific center of Ecology of Sea
CountryUkraine  Ukraine
Time period2007 onwards
Geographical area

Black Sea


Fish behaviour; Fishery characterisation; Bird behaviour; Habitat characterisation; Habitat extent; Industrial discharges; Lithology; Land vegetation; Bathymetry and Elevation; Magnetics; Man-made structures; Engineering parameters; Hazards to navigation; Industrial activity; Coastal geomorphology; Pollution events; Bird reproduction


In accordance with the Black Sea Strategic Action Plan (1996), the Ukrainian Law on a National Programme for the Protection and Rehabilitation of the Azov and Black Seas (2001), and the Regional Contingency Plan for Combating Pollution of the Black Sea by Oil (2003), the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine initiated a project to create a Marine Accident Oil Spill Information System (MAOSIS), based at the Ukrainian Scientific Centre of Ecology of the Sea. MAOSIS combines existing data from different sources: analyses, studies, projects and statistics that are collected and updated annually. Most of the data are collected as part of the routine work of UkrSCES. However, some data are obtained from ESRI, the European Union and Black Sea Environment Recovery Project. MAOSIS can be used to view different combinations of datasets related to oil spills over a common background map. MAOSIS allows those who are responsible for decision making to access and assess this information in various areas. The system includes the basic datasets (coastlines, administrative boundaries, coastal cities, sea basin, lakes and estuaries, coastal oblasts, etc.), a tool to view maps of the datasets, and documentation about the datasets. The layers consist of a number of datasets:
* Human usage,
* Dangerous sites,
* Maritime traffic,
* Ports and terminals,
* Zones of response,
* Coastal sensitivity,
* Protected areas. MAOSIS provides a single and easy to use interface. Users can visualize oil spills and oil transportation networks in the Black and Azov Seas, focusing on the risk of oil pollution, recreational potential and oil spill response equipment. The users of this system are mainly decision makers, and oil pollution response authorities of the Ukrainian Black and Azov Seas coastal areas.

OriginatorsUkrainian scientific center of Ecology of Sea
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OrganisationUkrainian scientific center of Ecology of Sea
ContactOleksandr Neprokin (Scientific researcher)

Ukrainian scientific center of Ecology of Sea
89 Frantsuzsky Blvd.


Telephone+38 0482 636622
Facsimile+380 482 636873
Collating centreMarine Hydrophysical Institute
Local identifierMAOSIS
Global identifier5327
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