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Biophysical monitoring Sevastopol Bay

Data holding centreInstitute of Biology of the Southern Seas, NAS of Ukraine
CountryUkraine  Ukraine
Time periodOngoing monitoring 2 times/month (4 stations). 2007 onwards.
Geographical area

Sevastopol Bay and near shore waters


Bioluminescence parameters; Phytoplankton taxonomic abundance in water bodies; Temperature of the water column; Concentration of suspended particulate material in the water column; Visible waveband radiance and irradiance measurements in the water column; Zooplankton taxonomy-related abundance per unit volume of the water column; Salinity of the water column; Dissolved oxygen parameters in the water column


Plankton nets; discrete water samplers; CTD


Biophysical monitoring in Sevastopol Bay is performed by Biophysical department of IBSS. The aim of this monitoring is to investigate the bioluminescence field in the Sevastopol bay and its correlation with biological and hydrophysical parameters. The monitoring is performed with the hydrobiophysical instrument complex Salpa-M, which was developed in IBSS together with Hydrooptic-Ltd and Akvastandart-Yug. This complex includes channels to measure bioluminescence, temperature, salinity, turbidity, fluorescence, chlorophyll a, PAR). Phytoplankton data include taxonomical information, each cell size, abundance, biomass, cell volume and surface area. Zooplankton data include taxonomical information, abundance, biomass. Also for the zooplankton samples underway Melnikov-Temnykh plankton sampler is used.

OriginatorsInstitute of Biology of the Southern Seas, NAS of Ukraine
OrganisationInstitute of Biology of the Southern Seas, NAS of Ukraine
AvailabilityBy negotiation
ContactYurij Tokarev

Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas, NAS of Ukraine
2, Nakhimov ave.


Telephone+380 692 544110
Facsimile+380 692 557813
Collating centreMarine Hydrophysical Institute
Local identifierIBSS5
Global identifier5333
Last revised2011-03-25