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Maps of Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI-maps)

Data holding centreUkrainian scientific center of Ecology of Sea (UkrSCES)
CountryUkraine  Ukraine
Time periodWithin the framework of the (BSERP) Project and under the order of the Permanent Secretariat of the Black Sea Commission in 2005 the Ukrainian Scientific Centre of Ecology of the Sea (UkrSCES) prepared ecological sensitivity maps of the Black Sea coastal zone of Ukraine to oil pollution
Geographical area

From the southern part of Danube delta to northern partof the Kerch strait


Contaminant fluxes between the terrestrial and marine environment; Coastal geomorphology; Pollution events; Bird reproduction; Reptile abundance; Fish behaviour; Fishery characterisation; Habitat characterisation; Habitat extent; Sediment grain size parameters; Zooplankton non taxonomy-related biomass expressed as carbon per unit volume of the water column


The maps contain three general types of information such as: 1. Classification of the coastal strip - type of coast ( structure, bias, grainulometric structure of deposits, etc.), ranking of the types of substratum on a degree of oil penetration into the depth of deposits, energy loading (intensity of wave and tidal activity), natural stability to oil, ease of cleaning up; 2. Information on biological resources - biological productivity of coast site, specific structure of flora and fauna of the shore strip and sea water areas, sensitivity to oil pollution; areas of distribution, inhabiting, nesting and spawning; 3. Information on anthropogenous use - Areas of the coastal strip having the status of nature protection territories, places and objects of cultural, historical and archeological value, and also beaches, parks, water intakes, objects of household activities, etc.

OriginatorsUkrainian scientific center of Ecology of Sea (UkrSCES)

Loyeva I.,Lisovsky R.,Bratchenko O.,Neprokin A.,Prudius Y.,Semenov V. (2006) ECOLOGICAL SENSITIVITY MAPPING OF THE COASTAL ZONE AS A TOOL FOR NATURE PROTECTION ACTIVITIES, Bratchenko O.S., Neprokin A.A.

OrganisationUkrainian scientific center of Ecology of Sea (UkrSCES)
ContactLisovsky Richard, Head of Sector GIS MACZ (Head of Sector GIS MACZ)

Ukrainian scientific center of Ecology of Sea (UkrSCES)
89 Frantsuzsky Blvd.


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Collating centreMarine Hydrophysical Institute
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Global identifier5347
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