IMARES, Monitoring Seed Mussel Collectors 1999-

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Data holding centreWageningen Marine Research (Yerseke)
CountryNetherlands  Netherlands
ProjectMonitoring seed mussel collectors(SMC)
Time periodSampling starts in Spring till late Summer (1999 onwards)
Geographical area

Western part of the Dutch Wadden Sea, Eastern Scheldt


Shellfish reproduction


Balances and scales


Coastal waters of the Netherlands, e.g. the Wadden Sea and the Delta area, have a great ecological value. This value is expressed by the protection of these areas by European law (Nature Conservation Act or the European Birds and Habitats Directive). Mussel seed fishery in these areas may impede with these laws. To reduce the impact of the mussel seed fisheries on wild mussel beds Seed Mussel Collectors are developed. At the moment the mussel farmers are in a transition process from fishing seed to collecting seed. The aim is that in the long term the SMC installations can supply the mussel seed which is needed for mussel cultivation. The SMC installations make use of the lifecycle of the mussel. Mussel produce larvae in Spring. These larvae drift in water for several weeks before latching onto the hard substrate. The survival rate of the larvae is much higher if the larvae can latch onto a substrate that hangs in the water, rather than latching directly on the seabed. After latching on the hard substrate the mussel develops into seed. When the seed is large enough the mussel farming sector can use them for bottom culture. The SMC installations are made of ropes or nets and are placed in the water in Spring when large numbers of larvae are present in the water.

OriginatorsWageningen Marine Research (Yerseke)
OrganisationWageningen Marine Research (Yerseke)
AvailabilityBy negotiation
ContactPauline Kamermans

Wageningen Marine Research (Yerseke)
Korringaweg 5

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Telephone+31 317480900
Facsimile+31 317487359
Collating centreNational Oceanographic Data Committee
Local identifierIMARES_5730010
Global identifier5830
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