Cetacean bycatches in northern Black Sea 1997-2009

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Data holding centreFlanders Marine Institute
CountryBelgium  Belgium
Time periodFrom April 1997 to February 2009
Geographical area

Waters (surface about 4000 km2 in total) close to the western (Evpatoria), southern (Sevastopol) and south-eastern (Feodosia) coasts of Cri


Cetacean abundance


Cetaceans incidentally caught in bottom-set gillnets: harbour porpoises (Phocoena phocoena relicta) and bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus ponticus). Occasional collecting of cetacean carcasses and by-catch data from fishermen (1997-1998); monthly onboard surveying of fishing operations (2006-2009).

OriginatorsBREMA Laboratory

Birkun A., Jr. (2008) Cetacean-fisheries conflicts in the Black Sea Region. International Workshop on Cetacean Bycatch within the ACCOBAMS Area (Rome, Italy, 17-18 September 2008). Working paper, 22 p. (Unpublished)., ; Birkun A., Jr. (2008) The state of cetacean populations. Pp. 365-399 in: State of the Environment of the Black Sea: 2001-2006/7 (Ed. by T. Oguz). BSC Publ., Istanbul, Turkey, 448 p., ; Birkun A., Jr. (2005) Bottom-set gillnet fisheries and harbour porpoises in the Black Sea: High-tech against cetaceans. FINS (Newsletter of ACCOBAMS) 2(1): 10., ; Birkun A., Jr. (2002) Interactions between cetaceans and fisheries in the Black Sea. In: G. Notarbartolo di Sciara (Ed.), Cetaceans of the Mediterranean and Black Seas: state of knowledge and conservation strategies. A report to the ACCOBAMS Secretariat, Monaco, February 2002. Section 10, 11 p., ; Birkun A., Jr., Krivokhizhin S., Masberg I., Radygin G. (2009) Cetacean by-catches in the course of turbot and spiny dogfish fisheries in the northwestern Black Sea. P.15-16 in: Abstr. 23rd Ann. Conf. Europ. Cetacean Soc. (Istanbul, Turkey, 2–4 March 2009). Istanbul, Turkey, 194 p., ; Birkun A., Jr. (2009) Plastic waste cause fishing nets to kill more Black Sea marine mammals. FINS (Newsletter of ACCOBAMS) 4(2): 17-18.,

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OrganisationFlanders Marine Institute
ContactLeen Vandepitte

Flanders Marine Institute
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Collating centreInstitute of Biology of the Southern Seas, NAS of Ukraine
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