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Chemosynthetic Ecosystems in the Southern Ocean – video, hydrographic, navigation and Kiwa tyleri species data from the Isis ROV during cruise JC042 (2010)

Data holding centreBritish Oceanographic Data Centre
CountryUnited Kingdom  United Kingdom
Time periodData collected from 10/01/2010 to 12/02/2010 during cruise JC042. Additional data from this cruise and from three other cruises in the project may be submitted in future
Geographical area

Current dataset includes five sites including the ROV test site, a site to the south of Bird Island on the South Georgia shelf, the E2 and E9 segments of the East Scotia Ridge, and the Kemp Seamount.


Vertical spatial coordinates; SeaDataNet biological format biotic parameters; Electrical conductivity of the water column; Seabed photography; Water column photography; Salinity of the water column; Temperature of the water column; Metadata parameters


Optical backscatter sensors; underwater cameras; optical microscopes; rulers; Ultra Short Baseline Positioning Systems; CTD


This dataset includes high-definition video imagery, hydrographic and navigation data from the Isis remotely operated vehicle (ROV). These data were then used to perform a biometric and reproductive analysis on Kiwa tyleri sp. which also forms part of the dataset. Four hydrothermal vent and cold seep sites were sampled during thirty one ROV dives: south of Bird Island on the South Georgia shelf, the E2 and E9 segments of the East Scotia Ridge, and the Kemp Seamount. The dives were undertaken between 10th January 2010 and 12th February 2010 during the RRS James Cook research cruise JC042 (7th January - 24th February 2010). The Isis ROV was equipped with a high-definition video camera, a CTD package, an Ultra Short Baseline navigation system and a suction sampler. The data were produced as part of the NERC Consortium Grant project Chemosynthetic Ecosystems in the Southern Ocean (ChEsSo), which funded a total of four cruises (JR224, JC042, JC055 and JC080). The dataset contributed to the project aims to search for, identify and intensively study hydrothermal vent and cold seep sites in the eastern Scotia Sea. The existing dataset was produced by scientists from the University of Southampton and technicians from the National Oceanography Centre. Additional data for these cruises may become available in the future. Please note that the access restrictions for video imagery, hydrographic and navigation data are currently unknown. The biometric and reproductive analysis data are unrestricted and accessible through the Published Data Library.

OriginatorsNational Oceanography Centre, Southampton
University of Southampton School of Ocean and Earth Science

Marsh, L., Copley, J.T., Huvenne, V.A.I., Linse, K., Reid, W.D.K., Rogers, A.D., Sweeting, C.J. & Tyler, P.A. (2012) Microdistribution of Faunal Assemblages at Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vents in the Southern Ocean , Plos One; Marsh, Leigh (2014) Controls on faunal microdistribution and reproductive development in deep-sea chemosynthetic environments in the Antarctic (Doctoral Thesis), University of Southampton; Rogers, A.D.; Tyler, P.A.; Connelly, D.P.; et al. (2012) The discovery of new deep-sea hydrothermal vent communities in the southern ocean and implications for biogeography, Plos Biology; Anon (2010) Chemosynthetic Ecosystems of the Southern Ocean (CHESSO) – RRS James Cook Cruise 42 – Cruise Report, Dr Alex David Rogers; Baba, K.F.; Fujita, Y.; Wehrtmann, S.I.; Scholtz, G. (2013) The Biology of Squat Lobsters, CSIRO Publishing (Poore, G.; Ahyong, S.; Taylor, J.); Marsh, L.; Copley, J.T.; Huvenne, V.A.I.; Tyler, P.A. (2013) Getting the bigger picture: Using precision Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) videography to acquire high-definition mosaic images of newly discovered hydrothermal vents in the Southern Ocean, Deep Sea Research II: Topical Studies in Oceanography

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OrganisationBritish Oceanographic Data Centre
ContactPolly Hadžiabdić (Head of the BODC Requests Team)

British Oceanographic Data Centre
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Collating centreBritish Oceanographic Data Centre
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