Metals in biota from Scottish coastal waters (1972 onwards)

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Data holding centreFisheries Research Services, Aberdeen Marine Laboratory
CountryUnited Kingdom  United Kingdom
Time periodFrom 1972 onwards
Geographical area

Inner Sea West Scotland, N & Central North Sea; Irish Sea.


Trace metalloid concentrations in biota; Metal concentrations in biota


Atomic absorption spectrometers


Biota sampled from Scottish coastal waters and commercial landings for a range of projects. Information on sampling includes ICES square location, gear used, length, weight, sex, age (all where available) and species. Analytical data includes type of digest and instrument used. Recent data (1990's) includes reference material data. Total number of samples: 22000; Total number of data points; 45000

OriginatorsFisheries Research Services, Aberdeen Marine Laboratory

Balls, P.W. (1989) Trace metal and major ion composition of precipitation at a North Sea coastal site., Atmosphere Environment 23(12): 2751- 2759.; Bailey, S.K. and Davies, I.M. (1990) Survey of the effects of tributyltin on dogwhelks (Nucella lapillus) from Scottish coastal waters., Journal of Marine Biological Association UK 69: 335-354; Balls, P.W. (1990) Distribution and composition of suspended particulatematerial in the Clyde estuary and associated sea lochs., Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 30, 475-487.; Hall, A.J., Law, R.J., Wells, D.E., Harwood, J., Ross, H.M., Kennedy, S., Alchin, C., Campbell, L.A. and Pomeroy, P.P. (1992) Organochlorine levels in common seals (Phoca vitulina) which were victims and survivors of the 1988 phocine distemper epizootic., The Science of the Total Environment, 115(1-2): 145-162.; Topping, G., Balls, P., Cofino, W., Schmidt, D., Wilson, S. and Yeats, P. (1991) A review of measurements of trace metals in coastal and shelf sea water samples; collected by ICES and JMP Laboratories during 1985-1987., International Council for the Exploration of the Sea Cooperative Research Report No. 178, 64pp.; Rodger, G.K., Brown, F.M.J. and Davies, I.M. (1991) JMG Purpose A report: Mercury in fin and shellfish landed at Scottish ports., Scottish Fisheries Working Paper No. 20/91.; Rodger, G.K., Davies, I.M. and Moore, D.C. (1991) Recovery of a sewage sludge dumping ground. I. Trace metal concentrations in the sediment., Marine Ecology Progress Series, 75, 293-299.; Rodger, G.K., Davies, I.M. and Topping, G. (1991) Retention of trace metal contaminants in the sediment at an accumulating sewage sludge disposal site., Water Research, 26(1): 111-120.

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