Marine geological sample data from the UK continental shelf and adjacent deep water areas (1966-)

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Data holding centreBritish Geological Survey (Edinburgh)
CountryUnited Kingdom  United Kingdom
Time periodFrom 1966 onwards
Geographical area

UK continental shelf and adjacent slopes


Mineralogical composition; Lithology; Mineral chemistry; Sediment grain size parameters; Sediment accumulation rate; Sediment age; Sedimentary structure; Concentration of organic matter in sediments; Sediment pollen content; Geological sample density


Sediment grabs; unconsolidated sediment corers; rock corers; observers; rock dredges; sediment dredges


BGS has collected approximately 33,000 offshore samples, using grab samplers, dredges and shallow coring devices (to a maximum depth of 6m below the sea bed). The data set consists of: i) The sample data sheets: these contain index information and geological descriptions of the samples. Before 1983, all data were entered on a single sheet. From 1983 onwards, the data were entered on three sheets, and therefore usually contain more detailed information than the old style data sheets. ii) Coded geological descriptions in digital format: from 1983 onwards, coded geological information regarding the descriptions were entered on data sheets. These were subsequently digitised, and information is available for about 10,000 samples in this form. iii) Sample material: the samples, cores and any remains of sub-samples are retained for further inspection and analysis. iv) Results of analyses: these are mainly short reports or single page documents resulting from analytical tests, for example, micropalaeontological examination or age dating. Digital data sets of test results (PSA, geochemistry and geotechnical) are described separately.

OriginatorsBritish Geological Survey (Edinburgh)

Fannin, NGT. (1989) Offshore Investigations 1966-87. British Geological Survey Technical Report WB/89/2, British Geological Survey

OrganisationBritish Geological Survey (Edinburgh)
AvailabilityDistribution cost charge; unrestricted
ContactBGS Enquiries

British Geological Survey (Edinburgh)
The Lyell Centre
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United Kingdom
Collating centreBritish Oceanographic Data Centre
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