Scottish Coast Bivalve Donax Vittatus Growth Time Series (1977-1985)

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Data holding centreScottish Association for Marine Science
CountryUnited Kingdom  United Kingdom
Time periodData collected from February 1977 September 1985
Geographical area

Two Scottish Coastal sites Barrassie in the West on the Ayrshire Coast, south of Glasgow, and Gullane on the East Coast, east of Edinburgh.


Zooplankton and zoobenthos morphological parameters; Chlorophyll pigment concentrations in water bodies; Temperature of the water column; Zoobenthos dry weight biomass; Zoobenthos taxonomic abundance; Zoobenthos taxonomy-related counts; Zoobenthos taxonomy-related wet weight biomass per unit area of the bed; Zooplankton and zoobenthos development stage parameters; Fauna abundance per unit area of the bed


Fluorometers; water temperature sensor; manual biota samplers


Growth ring measurements taken to investigate inter annual variability in growth rate in relation to summer temperatures and productivity. Currently unpublished work by Dr Alan Ansell and Linda Robb. The sampling methods could be recreated today to determine whether climatic change or local factors have affected the productivity of the species at these sites. The data set could also be used to parameterise productivity models for the species. This is a unique high resolution time series due to the monthly nature of samples over a period of 9 years. The data set contains 21,000 measurements over the two sites. The original bivalve shells have been retained.

OriginatorsScottish Association for Marine Science
OrganisationScottish Association for Marine Science
AvailabilityBy negotiation; moratorium
ContactSteven J Gontarek (Data Information Manager)

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