Maasvlakte 2 Nature Compensation Project, effect studies (T1 and onwards), 2009-2013

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Data holding centreWageningen Marine Research, IJmuiden
CountryNetherlands  Netherlands
Time periodAnnual autumn sampling in the Southwesterly Dutch coastal area (2009-2013)
Geographical area

North Sea coastal zone


Fish morphology, age and physiology; Fish taxonomy-related abundance per unit area of the bed; Shellfish abundance and biomass in water bodies; Zoobenthos taxonomy-related counts; Raw temperature and/or salinity instrument output; Fish taxonomy-related counts; Fish biomass in water bodies


Optical microscopes; balances and scales; rulers; CTD; beam trawls


For the development of the so-called ‘Tweede Maasvlakte’ in The Netherlands, 2430 ha seafloor has been transformed into land. To sufficiently compensate the effects of the land reclamation following European frameworks, a reserve in the Dutch coast was created. A monitoring programme is put in place to study if the effects of the land reclamation will be sufficiently compensated by the marine reserve. The main purpose of T1 was to study if the loss of habitat type 1110 is compensated by the marine reserve area. Within T1, two surveys per year using shrimp trawls have been carried out in spring and late summer from 2009 till 2013, to monitor the fish community. A CTD was attached to the net, recording salinity and temperature at different depths. Water visibility (Secchi) was recorded at the end of every haul. A fish diet study was done to investigate the relationship between fish and its prey (in- and epifauna). Age information for a suite of fish species has been collected (otoliths).

OriginatorsWageningen Marine Research, IJmuiden

Https:// (2018) Syntheserapport PMR NCV, I. Tulp, T.C. Prins, J.A.M. Craeymeersch, S. IJff , M.T. van der Sluis

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OrganisationWageningen Marine Research, IJmuiden
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ContactMargriet van Asch

Wageningen Marine Research, IJmuiden
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Collating centreNational Oceanographic Data Committee
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