Oceanographic data from Edsviken, Gulf of Bothnia (2006-)

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Data holding centreEdsviken Water Collaboration
CountrySweden  Sweden
Time periodOngoing

Dissolved total and organic nitrogen concentrations in the water column; Salinity of the water column; Temperature of the water column; Ammonium and ammonia concentration parameters in water bodies; Dissolved oxygen parameters in the water column; Dissolved total or organic phosphorus concentration in the water column


The municipalities in the Edsviken catchment area, Gulf of Bothnia, have together formed Edsviken Vattensamverkan to run environmentally and cost-effective water management work. An important tool in the water management work is the program for environmental monitoring that has been going on since the beginning of the 1970s. The purpose of the control program is: i) to follow the environmental condition in Edsviken, especially with regard to the environmental quality standard that is assigned to the body of water, ii) to form the basis for measures in Edsviken and its catchment area, iii) to follow up the effects of implemented measures, iv) to contribute with a basis for following up various environmental goals. The control program includes three test stations in the water body Edsviken (Landsnora, Skogsvik and Svalkan) and a test station in the external water body Lilla Värtan (Ekhagen). This dataset contains measurements from the control program collected since 2016. Parameters measured include temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, nitrite/nitrate, phosphate and ammonia. In 2019, the four stations were each sampled between four and six times.

OriginatorsEdsviken Water Collaboration
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