Ocean Regulation of Climate by Heat and Carbon Sequestration and Transports (ORCHESTRA) Model Dataset

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Data holding centreCentre for Environmental Data Analysis
CountryUnited Kingdom  United Kingdom
ProjectOcean Regulation of Climate by Heat and Carbon Sequestration and Transports(ORCHESTRA)
Time period1st January 1951 to 31st December 2017
Geographical area

Southern Ocean


Ice motion and related parameters; Lagrangian currents and transport rates in the water column; Vertical velocity of the water column (currents); Wind stress and shear; Temperature of the water column; Snow and ice mass, thickness and extent; Heat fluxes between the water column and the atmosphere; Transport in the water column; Long-wave radiation; Horizontal velocity of the water column (currents)


The Ocean Regulation of Climate by Heat and Carbon Sequestration and Transports (ORCHESTRA) model dataset comprises of control and additional forcing model runs using a Nucleus for European Modelling of the Ocean (NEMO)-based 1/12 degree grid spacing model of the Southern Ocean. The model runs use the NEMO "extended" grid, although ice cavities are closed and cover 1951 - 2017. The dataset covers the full length of model runs and includes regular (5 day mean) output of the model state, as well as more frequent (1 day mean) output of surface variables and fluxes and 1 month mean of more extensive transport diagnostics. A range of forcing is provided by JRA55-do, an interannually-varying forcing set (Tsujino et al., 2018); forcing supplied by the UK Met Office (freshwater runoff, tidal friction, geothermal heating); Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory corrected normal year forcing version 2.0 (CORE2) normal year forcing and additional freshwater runoff to suppress polynya formation. All model runs were completed on Archer, the national HPC platform, by scientists at the British Antarctic Survey (BAS). 

OriginatorsBritish Antarctic Survey
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OrganisationCentre for Environmental Data Analysis
ContactPolly Hadžiabdić (Head of the BODC Requests Team)

British Oceanographic Data Centre
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Collating centreBritish Oceanographic Data Centre
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