Wind, wave and water level data from Leman, Indefatigable, Lomond and North Everest Platforms (1972-)

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Data holding centreAmoco (UK) Exploration
CountryUnited Kingdom  United Kingdom
Time periodFrom December 1972 to December 1975 (winds and waves, Indefatigable); from December 1972 onwards (winds and waves, Leman); from September to November 1989 (water levels); from June 1993 onwards (winds and waves, Lomond and North Everest Platforms)
Geographical area

North Sea


Sea level; Wind strength and direction; Wave direction; Spectral wave data parameters; Wave height and period statistics


Anemometers; wave recorders; sea level recorders


The data set comprises wind, wave and water level measurements collected at the Indefatigable and Leman platforms in the the southern North Sea. Wind and wave data were collected by Marex (now Paras). The water level data were collected by Space Technology Systems. Data collected prior to 1989 are stored on paper charts. From 1989, data are stored on digital tape. The data set is summarised below: Site Latitude Longitude Water Start Date End Date (° min) (° min) Depth (m) Wind and wave data: Leman 49/27a 53 03N 002 14E 36 01 Dec 1972 10 Dec 1975 01 Oct 1984 31 Jul 1993 Inde 18a 53 22N 002 34E 32 01 Dec 1972 15 Dec 1975 Water level data: Leman 53 03.19N 002 14.09E 36 07 Sep 1989 08 Nov 1989 Inde 53 19.27N 002 34.33E 30 06 Sep 1989 06 Nov 1989 In addition, wind and wave data have been collected at the Lomond Platform (57° 17.26'N, 002° 10.7'E, water depth 84m) and the North Everest Platform (57° 45.31'N, 001° 48.06'E, water depth 88m) by Marex (now Paras). Wave data collection began on 01 June 1993 and wind data collection on 01 July 1993 and both are continuing.

OriginatorsAmoco (UK) Exploration
OrganisationAmoco (UK) Exploration
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