BALTDAT - acoustic database in the Baltic Sea (1978-2001)

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Data holding centreSwedish University of Agricultural Sciences
CountrySweden  Sweden
Time period1978 - Mar 2001
Geographical area

The Baltic Proper


Fish taxonomy-related counts


The assessment of the pelagic resources in the Baltic is to a large extent dependent on direct stock estimates. The reason for this is that, for pelagic schooling fish such as the herring and sprat, the catch-per-unit-of-effort is an inappropriate measure for the abundance of the stock. The main techniques for direct estimation of stock size of herring and sprat in the Baltic are hydroacoustic surveys. Therefore, the main purpose of the study is to intensify the study of Baltic herring and sprat under the CFP of the EU in the Baltic. More specifically, the objective is to conduct hydroacoustic surveys in the Baltic Sea 1999-2001. Results from these and earlier surveys will be stored in a database for acoustic and biological sampling data to be established for further analyses. Hydroacoustic surveys for herring in the Baltic Sea have been conducted on an annual basis since 1978. The surveys were started by Sweden and Germany, and later joined by Russia, Denmark, Poland and Latvia. Co-ordination of the acoustic survey is done within the framework of the ICES Assessment Working Group for the Baltic Sea, and in particular within ICES Baltic International Fish Survey Working Group. Results of the catch-per-unit-of-effort tuned by the acoustics surveys have been the main basis for the assessment of the Baltic Sea stocks in recent years. Although the acoustic methodology has shown considerable improvements over the recent years, a number of technical questions still remain to be solved. It is also considered important when planning the acoustic surveys in the Baltic that the entire distribution of Baltic herring and sprat is covered annually. This has not been the case in recent years. There should also be significant overlap in space between the areas surveyed by the individual vessels.

OriginatorsInstitute of Marine Research, The Swedish Board of Fisheries, FiV
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OrganisationSwedish University of Agricultural Sciences
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