Inverness Harbour Tide Gauge

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Data holding centreInverness Harbour Trust
CountryUnited Kingdom  United Kingdom
Time periodOngoing
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Inverness Harbour


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Sea level recorders


HYDROTIDE is designed to record accurate water level in the presence of waves by using a pressure transducer to measure the head of water. To achieve this, measurements of pressure/water level are recorded at preset intervals. The data recorded is an average of several measurements made over a predefined period. Measurements are taken at approximately 0.75 seconds during the averaging period. In this way the system avoids the use of stilling wells to filter out surface wave activity. During set up the user can select the time between records, the averaging period and the time at which recordings begin. In this way, data sets can be produced which are synchronised to an hour marker or other environmental measuring systems involved in the survey. As an example, it is typical to record data at ten minute intervals. To eliminate wave action, the averaging period would be set to ten seconds. The system would be programmed to begin recording at 12:00 hrs. For maximum accuracy, it should be recognised that the averaged value represents a nominal measurement halfway through the averaging period and so, if data sets were to be synchronous with the top of the hour, the start time should be programmed to be 1/2 of the averaging period prior to the hour. In this example, the start time would be set to 11:59:55. HYDROTIDE incorporates a vented pressure transducer. This ensures that changes in atmospheric pressure are cancelled out and do not affect the data recorded. This is achieved by allowing ambient pressure to reach the non-measuring side of the pressure transducer diaphragm via a small bore tube located within the transducer cable. This tube is in itself exposed to atmospheric pressure through the logger case and a special mechanism to avoid ingress of water. It is important that the transducer cable is not crimped or pinched in any way prior to or during installation. Data from gauge is transmitted electronically to dedicated PC within Harbour Office. Daily data can be displayed as graph, height/time or numerically at three-minute intervals.

OriginatorsInverness Harbour Trust
OrganisationInverness Harbour Trust
ContactCapt. M. MacLeod (Harbour Master)

Inverness Harbour Trust
Longman Drive

United Kingdom

Telephone01463 715715
Collating centreBritish Oceanographic Data Centre
Local identifier1116001
Global identifier923
Last revised2010-01-21