GLOSS Station Handbook

Station information sheet

GLOSS number114
Station name

Nauru, Gilbert Is.

Time zone180E, GMT + 12hrs
Latitude (+ve N)-0.53333
Longitude (+ve E)166.9
Observation period(s)1974-
Responsible countryU.S.A.
Authority responsible
for tide gauge
Dr. M. Merrifield, University of Hawaii, Dept. of Oceanography, 1000 Pope Road MSB 307, Honolulu, Hawaii 96822, U.S.A.
GLOSS contactUSA
Committed to GLOSSYes
Digital dataYes
Data acquisition rate15 minute intervals, filtered to hourly values
Fast delivery data at UHSLCDownload h004.dat from UHSLC   Format documentation for UHSLC data
High frequency data at BODCDownload from BODC   View Nauru, Gilbert Is. site history   View BODC document #57219  
High frequency data at UHSLCDownload from UHSLC   Download documentation qa004a.dmt from UHSLC   Download from UHSLC   Download documentation qa004b.dmt from UHSLC   Format documentation for UHSLC data
Real-time data availableYes
Tide gauge benchmarksUH-1: recessed triangle (steel pin is rusted away), no stamp, located 2ft E of tide well and 1ft from edge of quay (established 01 May 1974)
Benchmark relationshipsDatum for levelling is zero of the tide staff established in 1988. Datum is 3.826m below UH-1 (Oct 1989) Datum is 3.595m below UH-2B (Oct 1989) Datum is 6.483m below UH-3B (Oct 1989)
Auxiliary benchmarksUH-2B: 0.5 inch hex head SS screw set in epoxy with 'BM2B' written in cement, located near crane warehouse wall below harbour masters office. UH-3B: 0.5 inch hex head bolt set in epoxy with 'BM3B' written in cement located on upper curb of Queen's Landing, 50ft S of habour master house. UH-6A: 3/8 inch brass, located on left side of red door, it is the right hand pin of pair. (UH-2B, UH-3B established Aug 1983, UH-6A - Oct. 1989)
Data at PSMSL 
Annual MSL (RLR) dataDownload annual MSL (RLR) data for Nauru, Gilbert Is.   Download annual MSL (RLR) data for Nauru, Gilbert Is.
Annual MSL (RLR) plotView annual MSL (RLR) plot for Nauru, Gilbert Is.   View annual MSL (RLR) plot for Nauru, Gilbert Is.
MSL methodaverage of daily values
PSMSL code1844
Other relevant codesUHSLC 004
Additional information 
Other relevant informationBackup gauges on site: 1) Leupold and Stevens (October 1985-) 2) Handar encoder (February 1984-) Daily values calculated using 119-point convolution filter (Bloomfield, 1976) centred on noon applied to the hourly data with respective periods of the 95, 50 and 5% amplitude points at 124.0, 60.2 and 40.2 hours.
Last updated1993-12-05