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GLOSS number94
Station name


CountryChina, People's Rep.
Time zone120E, GMT + 8hrs
Latitude (+ve N)28.08333
Longitude (+ve E)121.28333
Observation period(s)1959-
Responsible countryChina, People's Rep.
Authority responsible
for tide gauge
East China Sea Branch, SOA, 817 Pudong Main Street, Shanghai 200120, China
GLOSS contactChina
Committed to GLOSSYes
Location mapView location map for GLOSS station Kanmen
Digital dataYes
Additional parametersSurface T and S, wave and meteorological parameters
Data acquisition rateRecording at hourly intervals
High frequency data at UHSLCDownload from UHSLC   Download documentation qa632a.dmt from UHSLC   Format documentation for UHSLC data
Real-time data availableNo
Additional parameters (real-time)Surface T and S, wave and meteorological parameters
Tide gauge benchmarksTGBM (ZKZ13) was set up in 1933, about 16.9m from the northeast corner of the gauge well house.
Benchmark relationshipsTide Gauge Zero (TGZ) = 10.842m below the TGBM (ZKZ13) TGZ = 3.645m below MSL of the Yellow Sea (1956-old) TGZ = 3.684m below MSL of the Yellow Sea (1985-new) TGZ = 3.87m below MSL of Kanmen
Auxiliary benchmarksZKZ12: 26.2m NE of the tomb and 43.4m NW of the NW corner of Mr. Xu Tongbao's house. ZKZ12II: 16.6m NW of the NW corner of WC and 9.2m south of 5811# wire pole.
Data at PSMSL 
Annual MSL (RLR) dataDownload annual MSL (RLR) data for Kanmen
Annual MSL (RLR) plotView annual MSL (RLR) plot for Kanmen
MSL methodMo (over hourly values)
PSMSL code934
Other relevant codesUHSLC 632
Additional information 
Nearest Met. stationKanmen MS
Last updated2002-12-11

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