GLOSS Station Handbook

Station information sheet

GLOSS number95
Station name


Latitude (+ve N)-69
Longitude (+ve E)39.6
Observation period(s)1975- (before 1975 some non-continuous data was published) Tide gauge is sometimes changed.
Responsible countryJapan
Authority responsible
for tide gauge
Director of the Ocean, Surveys Division, Hydrographic Department, Maritime Safety Agency, 5-3-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104, Japan
GLOSS contactJapan
Committed to GLOSSYes
Location mapView location map for GLOSS station Syowa
Digital dataYes
Real-time data availableNo
Tide gauge benchmarksObserved sea level values are connected to the benchmark 1040 which is fixed on the rock near the site by tide pole reading and levelling.
Benchmark relationshipsBM1040 is connected to the principal benchmark for astronomical observation.
Auxiliary benchmarksSyowa base located in the Ongul Islands, east Antarctica has a local benchmark network.
Data at PSMSL 
Annual MSL (RLR) dataYes (Monthly metric data only available)
MSL methodMeasured values processed to hourly, then daily, monthly and yearly MSLs calculated
PSMSL code1396
Additional information 
Other relevant informationMeasured data are sent to the geoscience laboratory in Syowa base through electric cable and recorded to memory packs. The record is checked every month. These data are retrieved by a JARE member every January when the ice breaker ship 'Shirase' is anchored at Syowa base.
Last updated1997-12-05

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