Search the data

BODC Database

The ‘self service’ tools provided below allow you to retrieve data directly from our web site.

You may be required to register as a ‘BODC web user’ prior to accessing some of the data. This is an important, yet quick and easy, process. The information you provide will enable us to inform you of the progress of your request and incorporate your details into your data licence agreement.

Hosted data systems

At BODC, we host data systems for wider UK and International programmes and collaborations.


Here you will find tools that allow you to search inventories, catalogues and directories maintained by BODC. The tools listed here provide an interface to databases containing descriptive information (metadata records) on data collections.


BODC operates the NERC Vocabulary Server (NVS) web service, which provides access to controlled vocabularies. Some of these vocabularies are totally managed by BODC but others have external content governance authorities (e.g. SeaVox).

The following tools are provided to allow users to search and edit vocabularies (where authorised).

High volume data

This portal provides access to all high volume datasets held by BODC on the CEDA archives.

Published data library

This catalogue provides access to snapshots of specially chosen datasets that are archived using rigorous version management. Access the catalogue here.