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BODC Cruise Metadata Report for RRS Discovery (74E3) cruise D64


This report collates information from the BODC cruise inventory and oceanographic databases. It presents

Cruise Inventory Information

Long name RRS Discovery (74E3) cruise D64
Short name D64
Objectives and Narrative To extend our observations on the structure of the vertical ecosystem into equatorial regions and secondly to examine the influence of the equatorial undercurrent on the depth distribution of the migrant fauna, using mainly Rectangular Midwater Trawling nets of one and eight square meters carrying a current meter to determine the speed and distance through the water and a depth sensor to help control them. The neuston net was used to sample surface species. The majority of trawls were planned to be made by day, but it was hoped to make some near-surface night-time trawls to study the diurnal vertical migration, and STD profiles to 2000m depth to deterime the physical properties.
Ship RRS Discovery
Departure Port Freetown, Sierra Leone
Departure Date 1974-07-17
Arrival Port Dakar, Senegal
Arrival Date 1974-08-13
Principal Scientist(s) Stephen A Thorpe (Institute of Oceanographic Sciences Wormley Laboratory)
Responsible Organisation Institute of Oceanographic Sciences Wormley Laboratory
Associated Project(s) GATE
IHB Sea Areas Visited South Atlantic Ocean
Marsden Squares Visited 3/302
Work Area Description
Unable to lookup cruise bounds at this time
Work Area Bounding Polygon
Southern Limit unknown
Northern Limit unknown
Western Limit unknown
Eastern Limit unknown

Cruise Inventory Datasets

Physical oceanography  
CTD stations Quantity: number of stations = 100
Current meters Quantity: 2
Description: no.of sts.;2 per station;2 positions:02-58.20N;22-34.48W(20days) & 00-21.18S;22-39.29W(16days)  
Subsurface temperature and salinity measurements Quantity: track kilometres = 926
Description: batfish(towed CTD)  
Surface measurements underway (T,S) Description:  
Water bottle stations Description: surface only  
Biology and fisheries  
Nekton Quantity: 106
Neuston Quantity: 16
Other biological/fisheries measurement Description: deep scattering layers  
Other biological/fisheries measurement Description: bioluminescence expts.on individual organisms  
Phytoplankton pigs (eg chlorophyll, fluorescence) Quantity: 2
Description: also underway fluorescence msmnts.(milles)  
Zooplankton Quantity: 53
Description: survey, taxonomy  
Incident radiation Description: cont.logging solarimeter  
Other meteorological measurements Description: 2 min.values of dry and wet bulb temp.,hull temp.,wind and atm.pressure  
Routine standard measurements Description: 6 hrly.  
Geology and geophysics  
Multi-beam echosounding Quantity: track kilometres = 4630

Cruise Inventory Mooring/Buoy Operations

No information on datasets is currently available

Summary of BODC Data Holdings for the Cruise

National Oceanographic Database


# Series Instrument Description Parameters
5 CTD/STD cast Salinity of the water column
Temperature of the water column
Vertical spatial coordinates
5 CTD/STD cast Chlorophyll pigment concentrations in water bodies
Salinity of the water column
Temperature of the water column
Vertical spatial coordinates
2 CTD/STD cast Chlorophyll pigment concentrations in water bodies
Temperature of the water column
Vertical spatial coordinates

Note: Parameter terms are taken from the BODC Parameter Discovery Vocabulary XML (SKOS)

Full List

BODC Reference Instrument Description Date/Time Location  
298015 CTD/STD cast 1974-07-23 21:44Z to 1974-07-23 23:26Z 0° 18' N, 22° 25' W Click for more
298027 CTD/STD cast 1974-07-25 19:09Z to 1974-07-25 20:30Z 0° 18' N, 22° 25' W Click for more
298039 CTD/STD cast 1974-07-28 05:59Z to 1974-07-28 07:28Z 0° 13' N, 22° 27' W Click for more
298040 CTD/STD cast 1974-08-02 00:42Z to 1974-08-02 02:05Z 2° 33' N, 23° 29' W Click for more
298052 CTD/STD cast 1974-08-07 18:18Z to 1974-08-07 18:43Z 0° 26' N, 22° 22' W Click for more
298064 CTD/STD cast 1974-08-07 19:03Z to 1974-08-07 19:43Z 0° 27' N, 22° 23' W Click for more
298076 CTD/STD cast 1974-08-07 20:17Z to 1974-08-07 21:00Z 0° 27' N, 22° 24' W Click for more
298088 CTD/STD cast 1974-08-07 20:52Z to 1974-08-07 21:14Z 0° 28' N, 22° 24' W Click for more
298107 CTD/STD cast 1974-08-09 19:08Z to 1974-08-09 19:53Z 2° 58' N, 22° 36' W Click for more
298119 CTD/STD cast 1974-08-09 19:50Z to 1974-08-09 20:39Z 2° 58' N, 22° 37' W Click for more
298120 CTD/STD cast 1974-08-09 20:35Z to 1974-08-09 21:22Z 2° 58' N, 22° 38' W Click for more
298132 CTD/STD cast 1974-08-09 21:37Z to 1974-08-09 22:59Z 2° 58' N, 22° 39' W Click for more

Project Database

No data currently held for this cruise in the BODC Project Database


Track Charts

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