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The UK has a long-established expertise in marine science. Every year, the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) funds marine research in universities and at its own research and collaborative centres. This excellent research helps the UK to

  • predict the behaviour of marine systems in the context of natural and human-driven global change
  • develop sustainable offshore and coastal industries
  • manage natural resources
  • conserve marine biodiversity

The current NERC funded Oceans 2025 research programme involves all of NERC's marine centres and national facilities, and draws together the strengths of the individual organisations. Its aim is to improve understanding of ocean behaviour, response to climate change and subsequent impacts on society through cross-disciplinary partnership research.

This fosters opportunities for coordination and collaboration throughout the marine science community.

Data management

Marine research invariably involves the collection of data to test hypothesis and to validate computer models. As data collection is a costly activity often involving ship time, numerous instruments and skilled staff, a prerequisite to all NERC funded research is that all projects make adequate provision for professional data management.

BODC has an established reputation for being at the forefront of marine data management and is an active partner in national and international projects whose objectives are to further and promote marine data management. To ensure good data management practice we, as NERC’s designated data centre for marine sciences, have forged partnerships with five of NERC's research centres.

We are proactive in making contact with marine research scientists and maintaining an awareness of their scientific activities. Our Laboratory Liaison Officers (LLO) undertake regular visits to ensure that data collected can be identified and gathered to enable them to be properly managed and curated for long term use by the public. This role will become increasingly important under the Oceans 2025 framework.

In addition, for large scale research activities such as the Rapid Climate Change programme, BODC work alongside marine scientists during the lifetime of the project and provide an agreed data management service.