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BODC Cruise Metadata Report for RV Corystes (74RY) cruise COR1B/94


This report collates information from the BODC cruise inventory and oceanographic databases. It presents

Cruise Inventory Information

Long name RV Corystes (74RY) cruise COR1B/94
Short name COR1B/94
Objectives and Narrative 1. To test the new Minipod frame and logger system over 2 tides and to evaluate the results.
2. To compare the bed shear stresses, both tidally and wave generated on two sites (Race Bank typically 10-12 water depth) and another site to the East with water depth of 20 m). The ADCP (Acoustic Doppler current Profiler) and CTD will be used to supplement measurements from a Minipod.
3. To undertake a sediment survey around the proposed site of the long term deployment of a Minipod on Race Bank.
4. To conduct a sidescan survey around the proposed long term deployment site.
5. To deploy a Minipod and Guard Buoys on the long term site for recovery on CIRO 4/94.
Ship RV Corystes
Departure Port Lowestoft, United Kingdom
Departure Date 1994-01-19
Arrival Port Lowestoft, United Kingdom
Arrival Date 1994-01-26
Principal Scientist(s) Jonathon Mark Rees (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Lowestoft Fisheries Laboratory)
Responsible Organisation Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Lowestoft Fisheries Laboratory
Associated Project(s)
IHB Sea Areas Visited North Sea
Marsden Squares Visited 216;1
Work Area Description Race Bank, Outer Wash
Unable to lookup cruise bounds at this time
Work Area Bounding Polygon
Southern Limit unknown
Northern Limit unknown
Western Limit unknown
Eastern Limit unknown

Cruise Inventory Datasets

Physical oceanography  
CTD stations Quantity: number of stations = 6
Current meters Quantity: number of deployments = 2
Description: 2 near bed cms  
Current profiler (eg ADCP) Description: ADCP  
Geology and geophysics  
Grab Quantity: number of samples = 2
Long/short range side scan sonar Quantity: number of deployments = 6
Description: around proposed long term deployment site of minipod  
Other geological/geophysical measurements Quantity: number of deployments = 3
Description: underwater TV  

Cruise Inventory Mooring/Buoy Operations

Latitude Longitude Data type Description
53° 1' N 1° 36' E Current meters near bed current meter
53° 15' N 0° 46' E Current meters near bed current meter

Summary of BODC Data Holdings for the Cruise

National Oceanographic Database


# Series Instrument Description Parameters
6 CTD/STD cast Concentration of suspended particulate material in the water column
Salinity of the water column
Temperature of the water column
Transmittance and attenuance of the water column
Vertical spatial coordinates

Note: Parameter terms are taken from the BODC Parameter Discovery Vocabulary XML (SKOS)

Full List

BODC Reference Instrument Description Date/Time Location  
545927 CTD/STD cast 1994-01-21 18:05Z 53° 15' N, 0° 46' E Click for more
545939 CTD/STD cast 1994-01-21 18:48Z 53° 15' N, 0° 46' E Click for more
545940 CTD/STD cast 1994-01-22 09:24Z 53° 15' N, 0° 46' E Click for more
545952 CTD/STD cast 1994-01-22 13:31Z 53° 12' N, 0° 44' E Click for more
545964 CTD/STD cast 1994-01-23 11:06Z 53° 12' N, 0° 45' E Click for more
545976 CTD/STD cast 1994-01-23 14:02Z 53° 12' N, 0° 45' E Click for more

Project Database

No data currently held for this cruise in the BODC Project Database


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