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Dee Estuary Station HC

This station is located within the Hilbre Channel of the Dee Estuary, Liverpool Bay. It is one of two stations repeatedly visited by the Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory (POL) in the Dee. All activities at this site occur within a box bounded by co-ordinates 53.3748°N, 3.2281°W at the north-east corner and 53.36696°N, 3.2367°W at the south-west corner (see figure). Typical depth ranges encountered within the box are 10 m - 20 m.

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POL activites can be separated into two groups. These are (i) repeat CTD profiles over tidal cycles; (ii) mooring deployments.

The repeat CTD profile history, to date, for this station is summarised below:

Cruise Start Date End Date Casts
PD07_04 (*) 2004-03-03 2004-03-04 56
PD11_04A 2004-03-30 2004-03-31 51
PD03_05 (*) 2005-02-02 2005-02-03 51
PD07_05 (*) 2005-03-01 2005-03-02 34
PD05_06 2006-02-08 2006-02-09 48
PD09_06 2006-03-06 2006-03-07 47
PD04_07 2007-03-15 2007-03-16 51
PD06_07 2007-04-16 2007-04-17 23
PD04_08 2008-02-14 2008-02-15 42
PD02_09A 2009-02-02 2009-02-03 49
PD06_09 2009-03-04 2009-03-05 51
PD16_09 2009-05-05 2009-05-06 45
PD22_09 2009-06-03 2009-06-04 50

(*) For these cruises, the station ID was HI.

The CTD instrument package for these cruises was a Sea-Bird 911 plus , with beam transmissometer, fluorometer, LICOR PAR sensor, LISST-25, and oxygen sensor.

The mooring deployment history for this site is as follows:

Coverage Instruments
February to March 2005 1.2 MHz ADCP, ABS, ADV x 3, Fast CT sampler, LISST-ST, ripple profiler
February to March 2006 ABS, ADV x 2, Fast CT sampler, LISST-ST, ripple profiler
February to March 2008 1.2 MHz ADCP, 600 kHz ADCP, 3D ripple profiler, ABS, ADV x 3, AML MC7 , LISST-100X, OBS3+ x 3, settling tube
February to June 2009 1.2 MHz ADCP, 600 kHZ ADCP, 3D ripple profiler, ABS, ADV x 3, AML MC7, LISST-100X, OBS3+ x 3, SBE-37 MicroCAT, SBE-16 plus , settling tube


ADCP: Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler
ABS: Acoustic Backscatter Sensor
ADV: Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter
Fast CT sampler: Conductivity and Temperature sampler (example is the AML MC7)
LISST: Laser In-Situ Scattering Transmissometer
OBS3+: Optical Backscatter turbidity sensor
SBE-37 MicroCAT: Conductivity and Temperature Sensor
SBE 16 plus : Conductivity, temperature, pressure and beam attenuation sensor.