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Rodrigues (Mauritius) Site History

History Summary

Station Rodrigues
Country Mauritius
Latitude 19° 40.1' S
Longitude 063° 25.1' E
GLOSS No. 019
Time Reference GMT (hours 00-23)
Contributor UH Sea Level Center
in collaboration with
Meteorological Services, Vacoas, Mauritius
Instrument Type Leupold and Stevens (LS), model A-71
Handar 436-A, Encoder (ENC)
Handar 436-B (ENB)
(All float gauges)
Primary Gauge LS (1986-92)
ENC (1993-)
Site of Gauge  
Observational Periods 1986 - 1997

Reference Level

The sea level heights are referred to the zero point assigned to the tide gauge.

Tide Gauge Benchmark (TGBM) Description

A bolt at the edge of the wharf of the tide gauge

Auxiliary Benchmarks

  • Brass tube fixed on a wall in marine service area about 200m from the tide gauge station.
  • One benchmark located near the entrance of the Port.

Benchmark Relationships

Zero of tide staff tied to benchmark which is a point on Beam XII which is adjacent to tide gauge station. The height of the beam is 1.98m above mean sea level.

Quality Assessment by the UH Sea Level Center


The daily or monthly means do not reveal any obvious reference level changes or trends.

Timing errors are evident in the hourly data, especially during 1987.

Year CI (%) Missing Data Replaced Gaps or Bad Data Questionable Fluctuations
1986 15 None None 318-323
1987 88 234-275,364-365 (05)076-(00)077,(12)173-(03)174 43-44,49-50,66,71-73,77-80,83-92,94-95,97-101,105-106,119-120,128,130,133-135,145-148,163,165,192-193,213,219-228,276-277,290-294,299,320-321,326,339-341
1988 82 4-11,137-152274-312,352-359 , None 3-4,36-38,40,42,51-55,61,69,93-94,98-99,266-267,316-319,329-330
1989 88 168-171,207-212,303-340 None 34-36,62,95-96,115-117,124,154-155,191-192,198,204,226,245-246,258-262,272-276
1990 86 79-86,91-132,264-269 None 263,293-294
1991 100 None None 20,117-118,284-286
1992 96 92-93,128-129,240-251 None None
1993 100 None None None
1994 100 None None None
1995 100 None None None
1996 99 363-365 None None
1997 100 None None None