Dakar-D (Senegal) Site History

History Summary

Station name Dakar-D
Country Senegal
Latitude 14° 40.0' N
Longitude 017° 25.8' W
GLOSS No. 253
Time Reference GMT (hours 00-23)
Contributor 1986-1989 TOGA Sea Level Center
Instrument type Aanderaa WLR5 (bottom-mounted pressure gauge)
Site Gauge  
Observational periods 1982 - 1989

Reference Level

Due to the nature of the bottom-mounted pressure gauges, no link could be established between the zero of the gauge values and fixed points on land. Also, tide staff observations or the like were unavailable. This series has no long-term reference level.

Quality Assessment by the UH Sea Level Center


The depth of the instrument in the water was about 8 m. Techniques of data processing by the originator are discussed in the second reference below.

The Dakar pressure gauge records consist of four separate segments:

The series was broken into segments because level jumps could be identified at the time of instrument replacements.

Due to the tendency for pressure gauge sensors to drift, it is beneficial for investigators to know the time span of each instrument deployment (time/date as yyyy/mm/dd/hh(GMT)).

Series Start Stop
Dakar-A 1982/12/24/13 1983/01/25/10
Dakar-A 1983/01/25/12 1983/03/17/15
Dakar-A 1983/03/17/17 1983/05/16/10
Dakar-A 1983/05/16/11 1983/07/20/10
Dakar-A 1983/07/20/11 1983/12/12/10
Dakar-B 1983/12/12/11 1984/04/30/11
Dakar-B 1984/04/30/12 1984/10/04/11
Dakar-B 1984/10/04/12 1985/01/09/12
Dakar-C 1986/05/30/15 1986/12/16/15
Dakar-D 1986/12/16/23 1988/09/21/01
Dakar-D 1988/11/11/10 1989/05/24/10


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Verstraete, J.M., 1992.
Accuracy of shallow pressure gauges. Joint IAPSO-IOC Workshop on Sea Level Measurements and Quality Control, Paris, 12-13 October, 1992. IOC Workshop Report No. 81, UNESCO. pp. 70-76.

Year CI(%) Missing Data Replaced Gaps or Bad Data Questionable Fluctuations
1986 4 none none none
1987 100 none none none
1988 86 265-316 (18)129-(06)130 (15)188-(01)189 (20)235-(19)236 none
1989 39 none none none