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Drake Passage South SD2/9697 Site History

History Summary

Station Name SD2
Latitude 60° 50.96' S
Longitude 054° 43.36' W
Depth 1170 m
Units dbars
Sample Interval 15 minutes
Contributors Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory,
Joseph Proudman Building, Liverpool. U.K.
Instrument Type Three Paroscientific Digiquartz pressure transducers, each with a temperature channel.
Period 20 Nov 1996 - 30 Dec 1997

Quality Assessment

Depth given is approximate, pressures are relative.

Long-term drift has been satisfactorily removed from all data channels.

Period Comments
Nov 1996 - Dec 1997 The second pressure sensor has been flagged on day No.'s (1997)064,084,168,273.
The first and third sensor appear fine.
The temperature records are good.