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Metadata Report for BODC Series Reference Number 38187

Metadata Summary

Data Description

Data Category Winds -unspecified
Instrument Type Unspecified Instrumentation
Instrument Mounting research vessel
Originating Country United Kingdom
Originator -
Originating Organization University of Liverpool Department of Oceanography (now University of Liverpool Department of Earth, Ocean and Ecological Sciences)
Processing Status banked
Online delivery of data Download not available
Project(s) UPWELLING 75

Data Identifiers

Originator's Identifier ACM5/9999
BODC Series Reference 38187

Time Co-ordinates(UT)

Start Time (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm) 1975-01-31 00:00
End Time (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm) 1975-03-07 00:00
Nominal Cycle Interval 3600.0 seconds

Spatial Co-ordinates

Southernmost Latitude 22.66660 N ( 22° 40.0' N )
Northernmost Latitude 25.75000 N ( 25° 45.0' N )
Westernmost Longitude 18.28330 W ( 18° 17.0' W )
Easternmost Longitude 15.51660 W ( 15° 31.0' W )
Positional Uncertainty Unspecified
Minimum Sensor or Sampling Depth -20.0 m
Maximum Sensor or Sampling Depth -20.0 m
Minimum Sensor or Sampling Height -
Maximum Sensor or Sampling Height -
Sea Floor Depth -
Sea Floor Depth Source -
Sensor or Sampling Distribution Fixed common depth - All sensors are grouped effectively at the same depth which is effectively fixed for the duration of the series
Sensor or Sampling Depth Datum Instantaneous - Depth measured below water line or instantaneous water body surface
Sea Floor Depth Datum -


BODC CODERankUnitsTitle
AADYAA011DaysDate (time from 00:00 01/01/1760 to 00:00 UT on day)
AAFDZZ011DaysTime (time between 00:00 UT and timestamp)
EWDASS011Degrees TrueDirection (from) of wind relative to True North {wind direction} in the atmosphere by in-situ anemometer
EWSBSS011Metres per secondSpeed of wind {wind speed} in the atmosphere by in-situ anemometer

Definition of Rank

  • Rank 1 is a one-dimensional parameter
  • Rank 2 is a two-dimensional parameter
  • Rank 0 is a one-dimensional parameter describing the second dimension of a two-dimensional parameter (e.g. bin depths for moored ADCP data)

Problem Reports

No Problem Report Found in the Database

Data Access Policy

Academic domain data

These data have no specific confidentiality restrictions for academic users. However, users must acknowledge data sources as it is not ethical to publish data without proper attribution. Any publication or other output resulting from usage of the data should include an acknowledgment.

The recommended acknowledgment is:

"This study uses data from data source/organisation/programme, provided by the British Oceanographic Data Centre and funded by the funding body."

Narrative Documents

Data Processing Notes

This document pertains to the wind data collected by RRS Discovery during the Upwelling 75 experiment.

Wind speed and direction have been derived from hourly vector means of the ship's acquisition system which sampled at one second intervals.

The winds were recorded as the ship was positioned for working hydrographic stations along the A and B lines. These lines were orientated at 37° and 13° respectively to the E W co-ordinate.

  • Line A passed through 24° 54min N 15° 31min W and through 25° 45min N 16° 50min W.
  • Line B passed through 22° 41min N 16° 36min W and through 23° 07min N 18° 17min W.

The ship worked along these lines as follows:

  • 2 to 5 February line B
  • 6 to 8 February line A
  • 9 to 12 February line B
  • 13 to 16 February line A
  • 17 to 20 February in port, Santa Cruz de Tenerife
  • 21 February line A
  • 22 February to 3 March line B

The format of the originator's reference, when quoted by BODC, is mooring number/instrument number.

Project Information


This project was organised jointly by the U.K. Institute of Oceanographic Sciences, the Department of Oceanography of the University of Liverpool and the Institut für Meereskunde of the University of Kiel. Scientists from the Marine Science Laboratories, Menai Bridge, the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics of the University of Cambridge and the Institute of Physical Oceanography of the University of Copenhagen also took part in the cruise. There was an interchange of British and German scientists between the research ships, R.R.S. Discovery and F.S. Meteor.

The aim of the project was to study the physical, biological and chemical processes involved in upwelling off the NW African coast, with particular emphasis on the measurement of onshore/offshore and longshore water movements and the relationships of phytoplankton, zooplankton and micronekton distribution to them.

Three lines of stations normal to the coast were established with current meter moorings on each. Discovery worked line A in 25° N and line B in 22° 40' N and Meteor worked line B and line C in 21° 20' N. There were ten nominal hydrographic station positions on each line. STD and water bottle surveys were made of the lines and nets were fished on two of the surveys of each line.

Data Activity or Cruise Information


Cruise Name D69
Departure Date 1975-01-21
Arrival Date 1975-03-18
Principal Scientist(s)Arthur de Chair Baker (Institute of Oceanographic Sciences Wormley Laboratory)
Ship RRS Discovery

Complete Cruise Metadata Report is available here

Fixed Station Information

No Fixed Station Information held for the Series

BODC Quality Control Flags

The following single character qualifying flags may be associated with one or more individual parameters with a data cycle:

Flag Description
Blank Unqualified
< Below detection limit
> In excess of quoted value
A Taxonomic flag for affinis (aff.)
B Beginning of CTD Down/Up Cast
C Taxonomic flag for confer (cf.)
D Thermometric depth
E End of CTD Down/Up Cast
G Non-taxonomic biological characteristic uncertainty
H Extrapolated value
I Taxonomic flag for single species (sp.)
K Improbable value - unknown quality control source
L Improbable value - originator's quality control
M Improbable value - BODC quality control
N Null value
O Improbable value - user quality control
P Trace/calm
Q Indeterminate
R Replacement value
S Estimated value
T Interpolated value
U Uncalibrated
W Control value
X Excessive difference

SeaDataNet Quality Control Flags

The following single character qualifying flags may be associated with one or more individual parameters with a data cycle:

Flag Description
0 no quality control
1 good value
2 probably good value
3 probably bad value
4 bad value
5 changed value
6 value below detection
7 value in excess
8 interpolated value
9 missing value
A value phenomenon uncertain
B nominal value
Q value below limit of quantification