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MASSMO 5d campaign near-real-time ocean glider data


MASSMO 5d campaign near-real-time ocean glider data.

Author(s) Wynn R.B. (1); Cauchy P. (2); Goult S. (3); Inall M.E. (4); Jones S. (4); Lichtman I.D. (5); Miller P. (3); Mowat R. (6); Nencioli F. (3); Palmer M.R. (5)

(1) National Oceanography Centre, Southampton; (2) University of East Anglia School of Environmental Sciences; (3) Plymouth Marine Laboratory; (4) Scottish Association for Marine Science; (5) National Oceanography Centre, Liverpool; (6) RS Aqua Ltd

Subject oceans, biota

The MASSMO 5 dataset includes the near real time transmitted EGO NetCDF versions of glider data collected by five submarine gliders across three deployment campaigns. Recovery versions of data downloaded from the all gliders with no quality assurance are also available on request. Glider sensor suites included CTD, bio-optics, and oxygen optodes. Parameters observed include, temperature, salinity, chlorophyll fluorescence, optical backscatter, and oxygen data. This DOI contains the MASSMO 5d campaign, which occurred within period 26 Apr 2019 to 6 May 2019, there was deployment of a single ocean glider. The primary geographic focus of MASSMO 5d was the Faroe Shetland Channel. Data files are in the Everyone's Glider Observatories (EGO) format, which is documented at MASSMO 5 was co-ordinated by the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) in partnership with University of East Anglia (UEA), Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) and Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS). The mission was sponsored by Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) and involved close co-operation with the NATO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE) and UK Royal Navy, and was supported by several additional commercial, government and research partners.

Contributor(s) Buck J.J. (7); Slater E. (7)

(7) British Oceanographic Data Centre, Liverpool

Temporal coverage 26 April 2019 - 06 May 2019
Spatial coverage North Sea
File format Network Common Data Form
Language English
Discovery metadata record Link to the related European Directory of Marine Environmental Data (EDMED) record
Publisher British Oceanographic Data Centre, National Oceanography Centre, NERC, UK
Publication date 11 September 2019
Digital Object Identifier (DOI) doi:10.5285/92472fb0-8a2a-357d-e053-6c86abc00f30
Short DOI doi:10/dbdk
Citation text Wynn R.B.; Cauchy P.; Goult S.; Inall M.E.; Jones S.; Lichtman I.D.; Miller P.; Mowat R.; Nencioli F.; Palmer M.R.(2019). MASSMO 5d campaign near-real-time ocean glider data. British Oceanographic Data Centre, National Oceanography Centre, NERC, UK. doi:10/dbdk.