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RV Prince Madog PD14/10

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Cruise Info. 
Ship name (ship code)RV Prince Madog (74P2)
Cruise identifierPD14/10
Cruise period2010-05-22 — 2010-05-23
Port of departureMenai Bridge, United Kingdom
Port of returnMenai Bridge, United Kingdom

1. To collect Glycymeris glycymeris at Station 84 off the S coast of the Calf of Man, South of the Isle of Man (54.02495 °N -4.80945 °W), using the Anchor Dredge.
2. Obtain 200 G. Glycymeris for Coleen Suckling (SOS).
3. To collect Scallops (50 animals of each size class 3, 4 and 5 year olds) at Chickens in Isle of Man Waters.

Please see the cruise report for Prince Madog PD08/10 for maps, dredge locations and organisms collected.
Chief scientistIain Ridgeway (Bangor University School of Ocean Sciences)
Cruise reportRV Prince Madog PD14/10 cruise report pd14_10.pdf — access key 'C' (0.03 MB) 
Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralIrish Sea and St. George's Channel
SpecificIsle of Man Waters; Belfast Lough, Northern Ireland
Biology and fisheries 
MolluscsQuantity: number of hauls = 1
Description: 1 Scallop Dredge at Chickens in the Isle of Man, for scallops for research
MolluscsQuantity: number of hauls = 1
Description: 1 Anchor Dredges at Station 84 of the South Coast of the Isle of Man, for G. glycymeris for research