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Hakuho Maru KH10-02 (GP03)

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Cruise Info. 
Ship name (ship code)Hakuho Maru (49HH)
Cruise identifierKH10-02 (GP03)
Cruise period2010-06-11 — 2010-07-23
Port of departureTokyo, Japan
Port of returnYokohama, Japan

1. Hydrographic casts and water sampling: measurements of vertical CTDO (Conductivity, temperature, depth and oxygen) profiles; measurements of dissolved oxygen, nutrients, chlorophyll, trace element concentrations and isotope compositions in seawater samples, using surface water sampler, NISKIN-X type water sampler.
2. In-situ filtration casts: trace element and isotope measurements of organic/inorganic particulate materials, using in-situ filtration/extraction pump system.
3. Multiple piston coring casts: trace element and isotope measurements in pore water and surface sediment.
4. Plankton casts: plankton sampling using Towing net.
5. Casts of optical sensors: measurement of photosynthetic parameters, optical radiance and irradiance.
6. ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler) casts: vertical profiles of current velocity with a ship-mounted ADCP.


The chief scientist and the office for cruise coordination of the Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, the University of Tokyo will manage the execution of the project and the subsequent analysis of the data. Data obtained through the measurements of major chemical components, trace elements and various isotopes during the cruise, is expected to improve our understanding of past, present and future distributions of TEIs in the East Asian Marginal Sea, and also the relationships with important global processes of material circulations.
Chief scientistJing Zhang (University of Toyama Graduate School of Science and Engineering)
ProjectGEOTRACES -Trace elements and their isotopes in the water column
Cruise programmeHakuho Maru KH10-02 (GP03) cruise programme hakuhomaru02_10.pdf — access key 'C' (0.39 MB) 
Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralNorth West Pacific Ocean (limit 180W)
Japan Sea
SpecificWestern North Pacific and the Sea of Japan
Track chartsHakuho Maru KH10-02 (GP03) cruise track — hakuhomaru02_10trk.pdf (0.26 MB)