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FRV Alba Na Mara 1311A

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Ship name (ship code)FRV Alba Na Mara (74NM)
Cruise identifier1311A
Cruise period2011-09-17 — 2011-09-30
Port of departureFraserburgh, United Kingdom
Port of returnFraserburgh, United Kingdom

1. To undertake groundtruthing survey work in connection with offshore wet renewables development located to the southwest of Shetland. Contingency survey work is included, undertaking the same survey work along the north coast of mainland Scotland and east of Shetland.
2. To collect shallow water seismic refraction data from the southwest of Shetland.


Providing weather conditions are suitable, FRV Alba na Mara will depart from Fraserburgh on 17 September for southwest Shetland. The visitors involved in the seismic refraction work will be on board while MSS staff will make their own way to Scalloway. The seismic refraction survey work will take 3.5 to 4 days to complete. On completion, FRV Alba na Mara will make a half landing in Scalloway allowing the visitors to disembark and the remaining three MSS staff to join the survey.

If, at the start of the cruise the weather conditions for southwest Shetland are poor, survey work will focus on the north coast of Scotland to make best use of the time available before moving on to Shetland. The survey area is out side the Pentland Firth. Once a weather window for southwest Shetland is available FRV Alba na Mara will make passage to Scalloway for a half landing to allow the exchange of scientific staff with the visitors and start the seismic refraction survey work. The timing of this exchange will determine whether MSS staff make their own way back to Aberdeen or remain in Scalloway to rejoin the FRV Alba na Mara on completion of the seismic refraction survey work.

RoxAnn transects will guide the deployment of the drop frame TV and, where practical, the deployment of a day grab and Agassiz trawl. The survey work undertaken at the proposed sites will be similar to survey work undertaken on previous cruises.

FRV Alba na Mara will complete half landings at Scalloway to exchange scientific staff. On completion of the survey work, FRV Alba na Mara will return to unload at Fraserburgh Harbour on 30 September.
Chief scientistPeter Hayes (Marine Scotland Aberdeen Marine Laboratory)
Cruise programmeFRV Alba Na Mara 1311A cruise programme 1311a.pdf — access key 'C' (0.02 MB) 
Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralNorth East Atlantic Ocean (limit 40W)