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Victoria May 0212H

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Ship name (ship code)Victoria May (74PV)
Cruise identifier0212H
Cruise period2012-03-23 — 2012-03-29
Port of departurePeterhead, United Kingdom
Port of returnPeterhead, United Kingdom

1. To assess the performance of high and low standing Nephrops trawls incorporating a Faithlie Cod Avoidance Panel (FCAP) in reducing by-catches of cod. Catches from the two modified test trawls will be compared to those retained by unmodified control trawls.


Staff and equipment will join FV Victoria May (PD267) at Peterhead on 23 March. Prior to sailing one of the low headline 'letterbox' and higher headline trawls will be modified to include the FCAP, which incorporates a 300 mm square mesh inclined netting panel and fish escape vent holes.

Throughout the trials, the twin trawl method will be used to assess the performance of the two different test nets which will be compared against similar unmodified control trawls. Catch comparison data will be collected using 80 mm diamond mesh codends and 125 mm square mesh panels (SMP) fitted to the high standing trawls and 160 mm SMP fitted to the 'Letter box' trawls. The intention is to collect length data for all cod, haddock, whiting, anglerfish and weight data for Nephrops but as available other species may be included.

After rigging has been completed, the vessel will sail to suitable Nephrops fishing grounds in the North Sea. Thereafter the vessel will commence catch comparison hauls for the remainder of the cruise. The intension is to alternate between the high and low standing gears on a regular basis.

Ships accommodation will be used throughout and the charter will end in Peterhead on 29 March.
Chief scientistRobert J Kynoch (Marine Scotland Aberdeen Marine Laboratory)
Cruise programmeVictoria May 0212H cruise programme 0212h.pdf — access key 'C' (0.02 MB) 
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