Unknown self-propelled small boat RATS/NUT30

Cruise plan

Cruise Info. 
Ship name (ship code)Unknown self-propelled small boat (ZZ99)
Cruise identifierRATS/NUT30
Cruise period1997-09-13 — 1997-09-13
Port of departureRothera, Antarctica
Port of returnRothera, Antarctica
ObjectivesThe RaTS programme (Rothera Oceanographic and Biological Time Series) involves the long term monitoring of a nearshore marine environment and is focussed around two broad aims, 1) Provide a suite of oceanographic data that would provide environmental background to aid interpretation of the nearshore marine ecology and 2) Test a series of broad hypotheses concerning the pelagic-benthic coupling and environmental forcing of the nearshore environment. On an approximate weekly basis, an upper water column CTD cast is deployed with a discrete water sample taken at 15m. The water sample is analysed for macronutrients, chlorophyll, dissolved organic carbon, oxygen isotopes and microbial community.
Chief scientistAndrew Clarke (British Antarctic Survey)
Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralSouth Atlantic Ocean
SpecificRyder Bay northern Marguerite Bay Antarctica
Data held at BODC 
Discrete samples 
1  Water bottle hydrocastPhosphate concentration parameters in the water column
Silicate concentration parameters in the water column
Ammonium and ammonia concentration parameters in water bodies