Cruise inventory

RV Edward Forbes 12/75 (B/8/75)

Cruise summary report

Cruise Info. 
Ship name (ship code)RV Edward Forbes (74EF)
Cruise identifier12/75 (B/8/75)
Cruise period1975-07-10 — 1975-07-27
Chief scientistWilliam W Brown (Institute of Marine Environmental Research, Plymouth)
Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralBristol Channel
Track chartsRV Edward Forbes 12/75 (B/8/75) cruise track — trk1457.html
Physical oceanography 
Surface measurements underway (T,S)Quantity: 1
Transparency (eg transmissometer)Quantity: 1
Current metersQuantity: 4
Description: 3x5w+1x50h;3 rigs left from B;7;75 to be recovered
Chemical oceanography 
PhosphateQuantity: 1
Total - PQuantity: 1
NitrateQuantity: 1
NitriteQuantity: 1
SilicateQuantity: 1
Trace elementsQuantity: 1
Suspended matterQuantity: 1
Trace metalsQuantity: 1
Other contaminant measurementsQuantity: 1
Description: air particulates
Biology and fisheries 
Primary productivityQuantity: 1
Phytoplankton pigs (eg chlorophyll, fluorescence)Quantity: 1
ZooplanktonQuantity: 1
Description: biomass determination
Geology and geophysics 
GrabQuantity: number of samples = 4
Description: chemical analysis of sediments