RV Cefas Endeavour 03/14

Cruise summary report

Cruise Info. 
Ship name (ship code)RV Cefas Endeavour (74E9)
Cruise identifier03/14
Cruise period2014-01-30 — 2014-02-04
Port of departureLowestoft, United Kingdom
Port of returnSwansea, United Kingdom

1. Service SmartBuoys at Dowsing, Warp and West Gabbard
2. Service SmartBuoy at Celtic Deep
3. Deploy SSB (CandyFloss) SmartBuoy
4. Deploy 3 landers in Celtic Seas
5. Service waverider at Scarweather and Firth of Forth
6. Service waverider at Hinkley
7. Nutrient mapping
8. Benthic flume and resuspension trials
9. SPI survey in Celtic Seas


The Endeavour sailed at 07:00 on 30th January and proceeded to service the SmartBuoy at Dowsing. During the deployment the stern thruster failed but the deployment was completed successfully. Afterwards the ship sailed north collecting water samples en-route. The Tyne sites were missed out in an effort to reach the Firth of Forth waverider before the weather deteriorated. The ship arrived at the Forth site at approx 09:30 but unfortunately it was not possible to manoeuvre the ship without the stern thrusters so the waverider was not serviced. After discussion with the shore it was decided to dock in the Tyne to allow engineers to fix the thrusters problem. We docked at 21:30 on the 31st Jan. The engineers were on-board by 08:00 on the 1st Feb and the problem identified and the pilot booked for 16:15. We could not sail as planned as the port was shut but finally got away at 22:00.

Cefas Endeavour arrived at the West Gabbard SmartBuoy site and deployed the new SmartBuoy at 17:00 on 2nd Feb. Water samples were collected afterwards via CTD rosette before proceeding to the South Knock waverider. The waverider was recovered and replaced with a new one before a new guard buoy was deployed. Endeavour went down the Thames to the Warp. At first light on the 3rd Feb the Warp SmartBuoy was recovered and serviced. Water samples were collected via the CTD rosette. With clear skies above the ship made her way into the English Channel stopping at the South Varne for a CTD water sample. In the evening Selsey Bill NMMP site was also visited. The weather forecast for the remainder of the cruise was appalling and after discussion with the master the cruise was aborted. Endeavour docked in Portland at approx 10:00 on 4th Feb.
Chief scientistDavid Brian Sivyer (Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science Lowestoft Laboratory)
Cruise programmeRV Cefas Endeavour 03/14 cruise programme endeavour03_14.pdf  (0.02 MB) 
Cruise reportRV Cefas Endeavour 03/14 cruise report endeavour03_14.pdf (0.02 MB) 
Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralEnglish Channel
North Sea
Bristol Channel
Celtic Sea
SpecificDowsing, Warp, West Gabbard, Firth of Forth, Celtic Deep.
Data held at BODC 
Discrete samples 
3  Sample taken from ship's non-toxic supply
9  Water bottle hydrocast