RV Celtic Voyager CV12012

Cruise summary report

Cruise Info. 
Ship name (ship code)RV Celtic Voyager (45CV)
Cruise identifierCV12012
Cruise period2012-06-24 — 2012-07-03
Port of departureRossaveel, Ireland
Port of returnCork, Ireland
ObjectivesThis is the seventh in a time series of UWTV surveys in the Celtic Sea FU22 'Smalls' ground carried out by the Marine Institute, Ireland. The 2012 survey was multi-disciplinary in nature.


1. To complete randomised fixed isometric survey grid of ~47 UWTV with 4.5 nautical mile (Nmi) spacing stations on the 'Smalls' Nephrops ground (FU22).
2. To carry out ~50 UWTV indicator stations in the wider Celtic Sea (FU19, FU20-21) if time allows.
3. To obtain 2012 quality assured estimates of Nephrops burrow distribution and abundance on the "Smalls" Nephrops ground (FU22). These will be compared with those collected previously.
4. To collect ancillary information from the UWTV footage collected at each station such as the occurrence of sea-pens, other macro benthos and fish species and trawl marks on the sea bed.
5. To collect oceanographic data using a sledge mounted CTD.
6. To sample Nephrops and macro benthos using a 4 m beam trawl deployed at ~10 stations.
Chief scientistColm Lordan (Marine Institute Galway)
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Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralCeltic Sea
SpecificCeltic Sea, West, South and South East