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Cotes De La Manche DISPAMER

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Ship name (ship code)Cotes De La Manche (35C4)
Cruise identifierDISPAMER
Cruise period2008-09-27 — 2008-10-03
Port of departureCherbourg, France
Port of returnCherbourg, France
ObjectivesOperational atmospheric dispersion models are normally valid for releases on the ground, in the near-field. Few model validation campaigns have been conducted, like that of ETEX (European Tracer Experiments), although it is known that significant differences exist between models and measurements for the concentrations and dispersion of a plume coming from a chemical or radioactive discharge from an installation on shore, as well as from the sea in the case of an accident there. In this context, the IRSN (Institute for radioprotection and nuclear safety) developed measurement tools which can use the krypton 85 (85Kr) released by the AREVA NC La Hague spent fuel reprocessing plant as a tracer in a plume over a long distance (several hundred kilometres from the source location). The cruise aimed to acquire data for 85Kr over distances from 0 to 100km from the source and compare the data with operational models for atmospheric dispersion.
Chief scientistOlivier Connan (Cherbourg-Octeville Radioecology Laboratory)
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GeneralEnglish Channel
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