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Thor Chaser 8241

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Ship name (ship code)Thor Chaser (SVTC)
Cruise identifier8241
Cruise period2007-06-28 — 2007-07-25
Port of departureTórshavn, Faroe Islands
Port of returnTórshavn, Faroe Islands
ObjectivesThe objective of TNASS (Trans North Atlantic Sightings Survey) is to estimate absolute abundance of cetacean species in Northern North Atlantic waters to provide information that can be used in a management framework to recommend safe catch limits, both direct and indirect, for cetacean species which are subjected to aboriginal, direct or indirect catch in the Nordic areas. TNASS has contributors from Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Faroes, Norway and Russia.
Chief scientistBjarni Mikkelsen (Faroe Museum of Natural History)
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GeneralNorth Atlantic Ocean