RV Belgica 2009-10

Cruise summary report

Cruise Info. 
Ship name (ship code)RV Belgica (11BE)
Cruise identifier2009-10
Cruise period2009-03-31 — 2009-04-03
Port of departureZeebrugge, Belgium
Port of returnZeebrugge, Belgium
ObjectivesTesting the performance of an alternative beam trawl. The Belgian fishing fleet consists mainly of beam trawlers. This fishing method has some serious drawbacks like high fuel and material consumption, high discard levels and a significant environmental impact. ILVO-Fishery (Oostende) is developing an alternative beam trawl in close cooperation with the fishery sector in order to reduce these drawbacks. Several alterations are being tested and are already used on board of some commercial beam trawlers on an experimental and voluntary basis.
Chief scientistJochen Depestele (Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research, Ostend)
Cruise reportRV Belgica 2009-10 cruise report belgica_2009-10.pdf (0.06 MB) 
Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralNorth Sea
SpecificSouthern North Sea: Stroombank, Westdiep, West Stroom, Stroombank, Barrow, Gunfleet.
Track chartsRV Belgica 2009-10 cruise track — belgica_2009-10trk.pdf (0.04 MB)