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Scarlett Isabella DASH-ST8LA

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Ship nameScarlett Isabella
Cruise identifierDASH-ST8LA
Cruise period2014-02-14 — 2014-03-07
Port of departureSt. George's, Bermuda
Port of returnSt. George's, Bermuda
ObjectivesDASH ST-8LA is an engineering test of a deep ocean unmanned undersea vehicle (UUV) designed for deep ocean sonar research. The UUV will be deployed to depths up to 4500m and evaluated for stability and autonomous station keeping. Reliable acoustic path (RAP) deep ocean propagation will be studied via a coordinated test with a surface echo repeater. While operating at depths below 3600m, an acoustic projector on the UUV will transmit short waveforms at 5 minute intervals to a towed echo repeater system operating at 50-100m. The echo repeater will re-transmit the received waveform where it will be received by the deep UUV. Data telemetry from the UUV will also be evaluated via a station keeping surface buoy. The buoy will relay acoustic communications from the deep UUV to a satellite network for in-situ data evaluation ashore. To assist in further stimulating the station keeping surface buoy, a mooring equipped with an acoustic modem transmitting dummy data messages will be deployed in the vicinity of the UUV.
NPRCScarlett Isabella DASH-ST8LA NPRC scarlettisabella_f2014-018.pdf (0.05 MB) 
Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralNorth West Atlantic Ocean (limit 40W)
Track chartsScarlett Isabella DASH-ST8LA cruise track — scarlettisabella_f2014-018trk.pdf (0.07 MB)